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Roman Era
Step further back in time at the Palatine Hill to discover the birth of Rome. Guided by our bots, you will learn the story of Romulus often said to be the founder of Rome, after he fought his brother for the right to establish an empire. Explore the ruins of Rome's first palaces and entertainment grounds and take in beautiful views over all of Ancient Rome.
Ancient Egypt
Travel back to the era before Christ, to the reign of the majestic Pharaoh, Ramses II. Discover the intricate Egyptian lifestyle first-hand with the aid of our robots in an environment set up so elegantly, you will feel as in a dream. Get to run around the oldest secrets of the World, hidden in pyramids and sphinxes. Egypt is waiting for you.
Stone Age
The Stone Age is said to be the era where man discovered fire and the use of stone to make tools. You will get to experience these milestones of human history, in person alongside our bots. Getting to know our origins and ancestors in their world...an adrenaline rush not to be missed.
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